There’s not much we can’t handle when it comes to clearing out overgrowth, spreading gravel, adding fill and hauling away storm debris. Overgrown lots are a magnet for trash and junk. Abandoned structures are a liability – they attract trespassers who can sue if injured.

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We can solve all those problems. We have the manpower and horsepower to get the job done – bobcats, chain saws, mowers, chipper, dump truck. The estimate is always free.  We’re fully insured, experienced and locally-owned for 20+ years.

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Call us and you’ve got one!  click to call 919-426-8219 You decide the size and location, we take care of the rest.  We till the ground, set the rows, even bring along free NC organic compost to get your garden off to a healthy start.  If you need us to do the planting, just ask!

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