Lot Clearing - Industrial equipment, excavator, skid steer


Whether you’ve got an overgrown section of yard or a couple of acres to clear, we ready to handle the job.  Our crew is ready to tackle the roughest terrain.  We bring the proper equipment to get the job done – skid steer, mini-excavator, dump trucks, a chipper and plenty of chain saws.

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Residential or commercial, we can clear a single lot or manage multiple acres. Because we can take down the trees, grade and haul, even do some demo – we get the work done. We own our equipment – no hidden markups for rentals and we don’t rely on day labor. You can count on us to show up and do the work, safely, efficiently and for the price agreed upon.

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Stump Grinding

One stump or every stump on your property, we’ll take care of them so quickly you won’t remember where they were.


Commercial Grade Leaf Vacuum

Tired of raking and blowing? Our leaf vacuum sucks up leaves in half the time and we haul them.



We’ve got wood!  Seasoned wood sold by the cord and we deliver. Check out our new cooking wood too – for smoking and grilling.



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