One of the perks of the tree business is wood. Lots of wood.  Our newest specialty is milling lumber.  We can create a 30 foot plank from a single slab of wood.  Custom benches, mantles, wood for walls – the grains are gorgeous, the look is luxe. Another new service is gardens to order.  You choose the size, we lay it in – till, furrow, fertilize.  All of the glory of garden with none of the hard work of getting started.

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Lastly back to all that wood – firewood to be exact.  We let is get seasoned and sell it by the cord.  And there’s more – we’ve got wood for cooking and smoking – oak, hickory, pecan and cherry.  Perfect for smokers, catering, restaurants and even the weekend chef.  Call for pricing and delivery.

Custom Milling

Call Steve Wood to discuss your order, schedule and pricing.

milled lumber - custom benches, mantles, planks

Specialty Services

Cooking Wood

The best woods to smoke with are hard woods like oak and hickory.  You can use lighter  woods like pecan or cherry, but unless you like your meat very sweet, it’s best to mix them with hardwood.



  • OAK:  Best for lamb, beef, sausages and brisket.  Oak burns hot and slow, and though it’s flavorful, it doesn’t overpower the taste of the meat.
  • HICKORY:  Best for larger cuts, like pork shoulder or ribs.  Hickory burns hot and slow, it’s sweet and almost porky in flavor, but be careful – too much hickory smoke can leave a bitter taste.
  • PECAN:  Best for briskets, ribs and larger roasts.  Pecan burns slow and cool, it has a fruity, sweet flavor that can be overpowering if used alone.  Try mixing it up with oak or hickory.
  • CHERRY:  Best for poultry, fish and ham.  Cherry burns hot and long, with a sweet delicate flavor – particularly good when smoking a ham.

We sell cooking woods in chips, bundles of kindling and logs.  You can order here and get that grill smokin’.

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Order a Garden

Whether you want an herb garden, a vegetable garden or flower garden, we’re just the folks to make it for you.  You get all the glory of a garden without the back-breaking work of putting it in.

A garden makes a great gift for someone with a green thumb and no place to grow.


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